Here you can download Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap's annual reports in English from the past years.

Read The Annual Report for 2018 here.

Quarter reports

Read the Q1 2019 report Read the Q2 2019 reportRead the Q3 2019 report  Q4_frontpage_ report

Read the Q1 2018 report Read the Q2 2018 reportRead the Q3 2018 report Frontpage q4 2018

Read the Q1 2017 reportRead the Q1 2017 reportRead the Q1 2017 reportRead the Q1 2017 report

read Q1 report 2016 pdfread Q2 report 2016 pdfread Q3 report 2016 pdfread Q4 report 2016 pdf

q1-2015-thumb1engelsk-rapportforside-q2-2015English report 3rd quarter 2015 pdf 4.1 MbEnglish report 4th quarter 2015 pdf

OTE-Q1-14-EN-teaserOTE-Q2-14-EN-teaserOTE-Q3-14-EN-teaser q4-2015-olt-thumb-eng

OTE-Q1-13-EN-teaserOTE-Q2-13-EN-teaserOTE-Q3-13-EN-teaser OTE-Q4-13-EN-teaser

Annual reports

 read report pdfread report pdf read report pdf OTE-14-EN-teaser

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